English Players?

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  1. NUCK

    NUCK Elpy

    Is there an English speaking population on here? I am loving the x1 high activity server and although I have met some nice Russian speaking players. I would like to meet some English speaking competitive players to hang out with.
  2. Neophron

    Neophron Kranrot

    IiiiIiiiI нравится это.
  3. NUCK

    NUCK Elpy

    The only thing I am struggling with, is the set bonuses and some item description. Is there any thoughts about adding more English translations in game? English announcements translations would be nice also :D
  4. Chunkook

    Chunkook Elpy

    Hi and welcome to La2 Era. The only English-speaking community I have seen ingame is the Lithuanian clan with a topic here on the forum. I suppose there are some Russians who also speak English such as myself, but I can why it would be hard for you to distinguish them ingame. As for the English descriptions, I'm pretty sure there is a game option to make the client in English, although I have no idea whether everything is transalated.

    Good luck and hope you find yourself a community!
  5. NUCK

    NUCK Elpy

    Thank you, I have found the in game English option but it has it's limits.
  6. Support

    Support Administrative

    If you want to use the English version of the game, you must enter the game world through system_eng folder. To switch the NPC dialog language use the command .menu.
  7. NUCK

    NUCK Elpy

    How do I use the command menu?
  8. Слива

    Слива Krator

    Writе: .menu
  9. NUCK

    NUCK Elpy

    LOL thanks man, I was writing .menu.
  10. RedEyes

    RedEyes Hobgoblin

    It would be nice, if you bring some en. speaking players here.
    Many current native russian players did played on EU/NA servers long time ago.
    It'd bring some additional nostalgic atmosphere, that we experienced before =)
    Maxim312 нравится это.
  11. Киныч

    Киныч Kranrot

    Is there any english players here, beeeeaaaaatch?
  12. IiiiIiiiI

    IiiiIiiiI Elpy

    I can speak any language!)!)!
  13. Киныч

    Киныч Kranrot

    Wha'd you say bout ma mom beeaaaatch?!!!
  14. ProG

    ProG Elpy

    damn, looks like there is zero activity on the forum
  15. Some1

    Some1 Elpy

    очередной момент, почему эти чуханы никогда не станут.....
    менталитет...да они ж себя с говном отождествляют...

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