New Era. Who are they?


Команда проекта
13 Янв 2018
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In this topic, we would like to introduce you to the team with which you are creating the New Era world.


With people who are hourly in touch with the players, and just with fans of the game who believe in the ideals of Lineage 2 and dream of creating a unique world of the fourth chronicles.

Admin - the brain of the team. All changes in the game world come from him. Secretive, loves his job and grumbles when being distracted. We strongly recommend you not to bother him for a small matter. In the game he is known as [GM]Эра.

Mr.Chief - our connection with the players. Any suggestions and wishes, even most insane, will be listened by Chief and passed on to Era at his discretion. In cases of dispute, he will advise you to create a vote to hear everyone's opinion. If you have a question to the administration or you just need a piece of advice in a controversial situation - Chief will come to the rescue. Ingame - [GM]MrChief

Support - the team's hands and the first line for accepting tickets. His tasks include solving all questions about game errors, relocation inaccuracies, and problems with donations. Pedant, believes only in logs and does not like reading tea leaves, so in tickets, he asks to specify the exact and detailed heart of the problem. Sometimes he throws the keyboard against the wall.

And of course we can't do without our VK group and its moderators. Simple players who believed in us and helped improve the New Era universe. Our heroes who were able to tell the community about our project. Responsive guys will always help and explain to you the points of interest in the concept of our world.

Thank you for being with us! The players are our foundation and support. They motivate us to work for the good of the New Era gaming world.
Our team is sure that with your help we will make the best server of your favorite C4 Chronicles on all the vastness of Runet!